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A Kickstarter Project

A new way to light your space - just the way you like

HEX is highly versatile: Is it a desk lamp? Or a wall spot? Or indirect illumination? You decide!

HEX is individualized: Choose from 10 different colors for HEX and 4 for its powercord.

HEX is carefully designed: With little material comes great usability and distinguished style.

Our Kickstarter will launch soon.

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Wherever you are

Create your own light

Its angled frame allows you to point HEX in any direction - in any place you could think of. Due to its compact format HEX fits into corners, onto shelves, tables or - of course - on the wall. It illuminates your home indirectly or becomes a spotlight for whatever environment you choose.



Make it your own

With HEX, you’re in power of the way your home looks and feels

We've carefully chosen ten different colors for HEX's frame and four for its power cord. It's up to you to pick your favourites and make your HEX your own.



The creative side of HEX

HEX is straight to the point

HEX is straight to the point in usability and design. You get a well built and styled, multipurpose lamp at an affordable pricepoint. Its few materials and economical size make HEX resource efficient and thus less pricey to produce, resulting in an inexpensive product for you and the environment.